Well then... 

To nobody's surprise did this release have a playerbase of 0-10 players. The expectations for this release were a lot greater than the current state of DiamCraft; and it's obvious to see. 

So far, I'm glad the current players are enjoying the server, but there's always room for improvement, and this is what I strive for, especially looking for in the players and server. 

The days of DiamCraft having 100+ players online all the time, every single day, at the same time are over, but it doesn't have to be this way. 

In the upcoming few weeks, myself and a select few other people will be working on a new launch of DiamCraft. This being said, the current server will not be down. The new version will be made on a separate server and then will be launched publically within a few weeks to a month, so all players can still enjoy and report errors or suggest things for a future release.

Here are some things you may expect to find in the future:

- New website (potentially XenForo)
- More server ram (less lag)
- More balancing
- More content
- More advertising
- More competition 
- More players

Thank you to everyone that's stayed with us this far, and in a few weeks time, we hope to see even more of you. 

We'll keep you updated; thanks for everything;